Tezwa Expeditions - Mountain Goat hunting

After looking over hunting territories for several years I found the one. A combination of spectacular country in Northern BC Canada with very remote access makes this an area that will soon be "the destination" for world class coastal mountain goat hunting in BC. The Boone and Crockett book doesn't lie, over 75% of the goats entered are from the British Columbia coastal area. If you want a large Billy goat this is the place to be. We have over 2100 square miles of rugged coastal mountains in BC, with about 10 high mountain lakes that we can use for access to these ranges.

The south half of our area is in the Kitlope Conservancy in beautiful British Columbia. It has basically been un-hunted due to its remoteness. We have a large quota for goats to hunt in this area. In the north half of the area, only a couple lakes have been utilized in the past.

We specialize in huge mountain goats and our high energy guides will take you on a supreme goat hunting adventure. Did I mention that we have lots..... and lots...... and lots of goats. If you're looking for a mountain goat for your trophy room, and just want a "white one"? There's a multitude of interior hunting areas that have reasonable success rates with average goats. That's not us....if you're looking for an excellent chance at a monster Billy.....that's us.

Management is critical and once a nice Billy Goat is taken out of a valley, that valley is put on hold for two or three years to maintain the highest quality for the future. We literally have hundreds and hundreds of goats in our area. This is the BC coast and it can rain. We offer our hunts at 10 days and count on a couple days being rained out.