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If you're looking for a large horned mature Billy goat that has a good chance of making the book? This is the place. Our hunting area is blessed with some of the highest mountain goat populations in British Columbia. Combine that with the superior genetics found on the BC coast, great guides and scenery that will take your breath away and you have a hunt that most hunters will only dream of. We carefully manage our area so that we only access parts of the area every few years or so. There are many parts of the area that has never been walked into yet. In this area of the BC coast, even a 9 1/2" Billy has a shot at making the Boone and Crocket book. Wonder how?......It's all in the size of the bases.

Here's how your adventure goat hunt will begin:

Once you arrive at Terrace or Smithers BC, we will pick you up and take you to a hotel in either Burns Lake , Terrace or Kitimat, depending on your departure point. Either you will fly into camp on a charter from Burns Lake (1 hour), or jet boat in 100 miles from Kitimat (4 hours) to our tent base camp. At camp you will meet your guide and jump into the Beaver airplane and head to a high lake to start your hunt. Or jump in a jet boat and head up some of the river systems to locate your trophy Billy goat.

Please view our information page for more details.