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Style of hunts

Goat hunts:

Hunt Style# 1 - This is a high lake hunt. If you have older legs or are slightly limited in you mobility.....this is your hunt. We have several high lakes to get you in position to hunt your monster Billy. You will base out of a comfortable tent at a lake and day hunt out of that camp. You will need to charter the float plane for this hunt at your cost, please call for pricing.

Hunt Style# 2 - We land on the same high lakes but start hiking to mountain ranges further away to get into country that has never seen people before. For this you will need better legs. A traditional backpack hunt. You will need to charter the float plane for this hunt at your cost, please call for pricing.

Hunt Style# 3 - If flying is not your thing, we will be offering a jet boat hunt up several river systems. The rivers will be the "hiways" and you will be stopping to look at goats as you go upriver. Stop and make camp wherever you wish when a big Billy is spotted. When the time is right, head up the mountain and make a stalk.

Hunt Style# 4 - We will use a jet boat to drop you off at the beginning of a valley and you and your guide backpack up the valley until you take a nice Billy. Then pick you up when you call.

Hunt Style# 5 - Our Oct/Nov late goat hunts. This will be our base camp hunt. Then use the boat to access the tributaries that empty into the Gardner Canal....and there are a lot of them. The goats will be lower at this time while heading to their breeding grounds. We find a nice valley, tie up the boat and start hiking. The bad part is the weather is hit and miss at this time...the good part is, deciding which Billy you want to take. Nothing beats a late season cape and the hair will be long.

Bow hunters

Mountain Goat hunting in this area is very bow hunter friendly. We want you here! and we have a ton of Pope and Young Billies waiting for you.

Gear List

If you are on a fly- in hunt, you need to keep your gear at 50lbs or less for a 10 day hunt, and be in your hunting cloths when you get on the float plane. If you coming in by jet boat, you could bring 60lbs. If you're on a backpack hunt your back pack should come in under 35lbs. Ten pounds of camp, fuel, food will be added before you leave. If you would like to hire a packer/spotter we can supply one for $2000 for you hunt....but we need to know at least two months before your hunt.

Temperatures will range from 70 degrees F on the early hunts to 20 degrees F on the November hunts. Excess clothes and gear can be left at camp. Gear should be kept to 60 pounds plus rifle.

Pack equipment:

Hunting Items:


Meds and Hygiene

Other Gear

Hunt Dates

July 30 - Aug 8

Aug 9 - Aug 18

Aug 19- Aug 28

Aug 29 - Sept 7 can add black bear on the 1st........$2000 trophy fee.

Sept 8 - Sept 17 can add blacktail deer on the 10th......$1000 trophy fee.

Sept 18 - Sept 27

Sept 28 - Oct 7

Oct 8 - Oct 17

From here on, only Jet boat hunts will be offered - goats will be at a lower elevation as well

Oct 18 - Oct 27 can add moose the 20th - 26th..........$4000 trophy fee plus $1500 air charter if needed

Oct 28 -Nov 6 Add  $3000 for a long hair late season hunt

Nov 7 - Nov 15

We'll try to book up to 4 hunters on a trip.

The float plane will base out of Burns Lake, hunters can fly into Smithers or Terrace.

Hunt Prices 2014 - All prices in USD + Tax

Coastal Mountain Goat:

$9500   1x1

$8500   2x1

November Goat hunts add  $3000

Coastal Black Bear:

$6000   1x1

$5500   2x1

or $2000 kill fee on a goat hunt

Coastal Grizzly:

$20,000 plus $10,000 kill fee, Black bear is added for free.


$4000 kill fee on to a goat hunt (only Oct 20-26)

Backtail Deer:-

$1000 kill fee on a goat hunt


No charge........Just the tag

Not included in your hunt price

Accommodations before and after your hunt. All licenses and taxes. Taxidermy fees.

Licenses and tags:-

Hunting license  $180

Mountain Goat $350

Moose $250

Black Bear $180

Grizzly Bear $1030

Wolf $50

Hunter Preservation Fund $200